With over 30 years combined experience and headquartered in Athens/Glyfada, Greece, we provide for our clients state-of-the-art, data driven, contemporary, business intelligent Revenue Management solutions that revolutionize their business practices.

We are a New Generation Revenue Management Company, using predictive analytics and data driven insights to inform strategy and meet predetermined goals.

Tech is the enabler, however we do believe that talent, teamwork, consistency and sound strategy, will get the job done. Therefore, we combine tech and human resources.

We are your specialized Revenue Management specialists.



We are creative, we change and adapt our strategies
in fast changing environments,
we provide you with intelligent reporting,
we believe in open pricing
and individual segment handling.

Our solutions are based on critical business decisions. Less on gut feeling and more on science, so that we can elevate your business performance on an ongoing basis.


Pricing strategy as well as Daily Revenue and Performance Management

Pricing Strategy Management: open pricing, optimal price mix, perceived fairness, and compatibility.
Daily Revenue and Performance Management: multiple tasks on a daily and weekly basis with high influence on revenue generation and grow.


Inventory Controls, Availability, Overbooking & Group Displacement strategy

Starting with respect that availability is handled and maintained better from your own Reservations Manager, we only want to be of help.
A comprehensive room strategy, allows hotels to improve distribution strategy, accurately forecast and segment target markets.



A demand forecast is the primal step to optimum pricing and more significant profitability.


KPI Performance reports and tracking

Expect from us regular reporting covering all valuable KPIs, providing performance information as well as additional data (ad-hoc reports).


Customer Demand and Behavior & Competition Analysis

When we think of Revenue Strategy, we view all travelers around the world, as a hotel’s potential guests. It doesn’t matter how many rooms a hotel has. Competition is an important part of the pricing puzzle, but it is only a part of it. Do not follow competitors and simultaneously do not ignore them. But always shop competitor rates.


Market Segmentation & Marketing Through Distribution

Market Segmentation: “The practice of dividing the marketplace into parts, or segments, which are definable, accessible, actionable and profitable and have a growth potential.” By the Economic Times.

Marketing through distribution: Not only we offer you our consultancy about which distribution channels to sell your “product” on, but more importantly, we guide and help your relevant department. During high demand periods, distribution channels should be yielded up rather than shut off, while on the opposite, those “discount” channels can help you drive occupancy.

The work we do.

We are here and want to make you trust us and believe that we can deliver
We will be honest, we will make your life easier


We have Passion, We have Experience. We give a damn about you!
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