• What if my competitor is also client of RevEffect?

    You may think “What if my competitor is also client of RevEffect”?

    You might worry that once we achieve critical mass in your market you will no longer see the upside from using our services.
    This is the wrong way to think…
    For us, to win nobody has to lose…
    The way we see it and the way we approach it… There is no battle between you and you competitors. It is not about you versus them, the battle is about all hotels versus the fast-changing economic environment.
    The travel industry is undervalued and that is why everyone can win. Think that every cent we make for you, you win and we win it by optimizing your rates and not by stealing this cent from your competitors.
    It is not only us that say and think that each and every hotel is unique and has its own demand. This uniqueness we use to forecast demand and make pricing recommendations. You will never hear us talking about pricing and general revenue strategy and base it on your hotel’s competitive set.
    When a competitor acts unpredictably it agitates the market, disrupts judgments and challenges customers to be more attentive in trying to procrastinate the market. Οwing a hotel and running it well, the most interesting scenario would be for your least “sharp” competitor to get cleverer. No, this is not money out of your pocket, this is a steadier marketplace that permits confident pricing to maximize revenue.